Vastu for Pooja Room

Pooja room – or prayer room – is – and must be – one the most auspicious and sacred rooms of your home. Once you have made a pooja or prayer room in your home then “the room” automatically starts to attract positivity and harmony.

Vastu for Pooja Room

While planning a house, due to space constraints, many people tend to ignore a separate temple or pooja room but we must not sideline the need to make a place for God. Thus by creating a room for worshipping, we are creating a room to get charged with positive vibrations every morning and that energy will energize our environment, mind, body and soul. Our work efficiency will increase and so the progress, prosperity and peace.

In earlier times, a well designed, large space was exclusively reserved for prayer but today with reduced space availability, the Puja Room has become a tiny space, sometimes just a small mandir placed in the Kitchen.

Best Location for a Puja Room  according to Vastu

  • First Best Loaction: North-East Direction or the Centre of the house.
  • Second Best Location: East or West Directions of the house.
  • If none of these corners are available, the pooja mandir can be located in the North-East corner of any room except bedrooms, toilets and store rooms.

Vastu Tips for Puja Room:

  • A Pooja room should never be made in a bedroom or on a wall adjacent to the bathroom wall.
  • Keep the pooja place on ground floor.
  • Place the idols a few inches (at least an inch) away from wall.
  • There should not be too many idols. Give away duplicates of deities and keep the Puja Room uncluttered.
  • The idols can be made of stone, wood, silver, gold. Alternatively they can also be brass, bronze or clay depending on your preference.
  • White or light yellow colored marble work in prayer room makes it more auspicious.
  • Use white, light yellow or light blue colors for walls of pooja room.
  • You can place a lamp stand in the pooja room in south-east or eastern side.
  • If the roof of pooja room is pyramid shape then it’s very auspicious.
  • You can place an Agnikund in the prayer room in south-east corner.
  • Keep showcases and almirahs towards west or south walls.
  • Entrance of pooja place must have a threshold. 

Like other areas of the house, pooja rooms need to be decorated. However, there are certain things to avoid. Images that depict negative energy such as war or death should not be kept in the area. Placing photos of relatives who are no more is also not recommended. Use copper vessels as far as possible, especially for collecting water. Although the pooja room needs to be kept clean, never place a dustbin in the area.

Providing information is most important in any subject, we are doing such a job here. Please bless us to serve humankind for some more years. Readers may get a doubt that why the center portion kept vacant in this image, why it was not shown anything here either YES or NO for Pooja Room.

The above information is a "small part" in regarding the pooja room, we have to learn more and more in this pooja room section, so please think once on this issue, only in this pooja room, particularly on one part of the house is taking this much amount of information, then what about the other parts of the house, House vastu , finally with surroundings vastu, that is why our elders say that "Vastu is an ocean". If you feel that we have attempted to serve something information here, then please inform this website to your friends. Thanks in advance, Have a Great Pleasant Nice Day.

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