Vastu Tips for Interior Decoration

Vastu Shastra makes us live in concordance with nature’s five central parts of nature i.e. earth, water, fire, air and space and tolerating the endowment of the Gods of the headings.

Vastu Tips for Interior Decoration

The purpose of Vaastu is to make us live in congruity with nature, opposing the negativity, the alluring fields, gravitational effects, etc of the earth, the precipitation, the vast framework and the whole of nature and the universe and appropriately conjuring the endowment of the Gods of the headings.

  • Placement of furniture in all the rooms
  • Placement of the accessories in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Suggesting the colour schemes for paints for different rooms.
  • Suggesting the colour for the exteriors.
  • Placement of invertors, washing machine, electrical items.
  • Choice and placement of plants to be put in an area and plants to be avoided in the building.

Here are some of the tips given in Vastu Shastra for Interior decoration which might be helpful to build a house full of love and happiness:

1.    Main Door

Vastu prescribes utilizing good quality of wooden main door that has dimensions greater than any other door in the house. Also it recommends that northeast facing main door is a sure shot strategy to bring in prosperity.

  • Avoid placing a fountain, or any other decorative water-centric element, outside the main door.
  • Avoid placing a shoe rack or dustbin outside the main door.
  • There shouldn’t be a bathroom near the main door.
  • Ensure the main entrance is well lit.
  • Avoid painting the main door black.
  • Decorate your door with beautiful nameplates and auspicious torans.
  • Avoid placing animal statues or figurines near the main door.
  • Ensure your main door opens in a clockwise manner.

2.    Paintings

Colors also have a role in Vastu since every element has a corresponding color. Most importantly, the walls and furniture should be of such colors that enhance the vibrancy of your house. Colors fill life into any space, so according to your taste you can choose bright or soothing colors to make your house more lively and colorful.

  • The bedroom walls should be colors in shades of pink, light blue, and light green.
  • The living room can have shades of yellow, blue, tan, beige, and green.
  • The kitchen is the most important part of the house as it is the source of energy for the entire family.
  • Colors used for kitchen are white, yellow, red, orange, chocolate, and rose pink.
  • Bathrooms can be white mixtures, gray shades, and also pastel shades at times.

3.    Mirrors:

Mirrors or objects with reflective surfaces must be placed at suitable places in the north or the east directions of a room. Mirror placement as per vastu must not place on the walls opposite to a bed or in a study room.

4.    Pooja Room

Pooja place in the right place is very much important. The experts of Vastu Shastra suggest that the Pooja place should be arranged either in the North, Northeast or Eastern side of the building.

  • Like with the direction of the house, the reason behind choosing this direction also lies in the effortless harnessing of the Sun’s energy.
  • Vastu experts suggest doors that help maintain the sanctity of the space.

5.    Curtains

Curtains are not just there to provide privacy and comfort but also they can have beauty to the house if the selection is made carefully. Also, The color and the material of the curtains need to be selected carefully as per Vastu so that proper mental health and peace of mind can be maintained.

Bedrooms are best suited with bright coloured curtains, while dark coloured curtains are best suited for the living room. While looking for curtain colour as per vastu Red or black coloured curtains must be avoided.

6.    Lightings

Lighting plays an important role in setting the perfect vibes for a house or room. Hence, follow vastu tips for lightning and one should avoid dimly lit rooms and always have rooms lit with bright lights for positive vibes and pleasant atmosphere.

7.    Indoor Plants

One must avoid placing larger plants in the North-eastern direction of the house. Also, one must use vastu plants such as cactuses and other thorny plants as decor.

So, while planning, one should ideally consult a Vastu expert, who can chart out the positioning of various elements, to bring health, prosperity and harmony.

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