Comeback to Blogging

Its been a while since I logged on, and my sincere apologies to my readers for this rather unscheduled (?) break. I have been happily initiated into the joys of motherhood with the arrival of my 1st baby boy two month ago!

Comeback to Blogging

So, while it would be a while before I returned to full time blogging and the baby grows into manageable proportions, I shall endeavour to post something on a non-regular basis :)

Comeback Story!!! Childbirth, career break

Post delivery depression is very common as your body is undergoing tremendous hormonal changes within you.

After your child’s birth, on one side you will be the most happiest person on earth to become a mom and feel blessed about your child and on the other hand, slowly as the time pass by, you might be wondering

“What am I doing? Doing daily chores, changing nappies and not even finding time to sip a cup of tea/coffee in a peaceful place and not even having time to comb my hair!!! What have I done to myself, is this the reason why I did so much of hard work for my higher education? Where is my life heading to?” 

There will be a cold war within your mind where several questions will keep your mind tangled. To add more spice to your thoughts, you will see your friends would have left you far behind and have grown in their career. And slowly you will find yourself in several rounds of depression, sadness and forgetfulness. You will start feeling like a victim. Even though you are having the best time with your child, deep down within you, you may feel lost. 

Don’t let depression to rule you, divert your thoughts and enjoy the time with your child. 

Girls let me make a point here, the girls who are going to expecting kids, just remember one thing, giving birth to a baby is a blessing and giving your full time to your child at least for 2-3 years or if possible 6 years without any guilt is worth as it is going to help the child in their long run, you would have given life to that little man/woman who they are going to grow up to be. 

We women are lucky enough to enjoy the staying back at home and relax and play with our baby. Men, whether they like it or not, they have to go back to work after one weeks of the child’s delivery. Though there are exceptions.

I have been trying to figure out the best way to make my comeback to the blogging world.

In the coming weeks I have tons of posts to share with you.

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