Feel the Power of Vastu with Paintings

Paintings and Photo frames play a vital role in home and office if placed as per vastu shastra hence placing them at proper location is important to get vastu benefits. Vastu says, North, North-East and East walls are best fitted for photos, photo frames, mirrors and photos or pictures of Gods that we worship to get real benefits. As per vastu, Norh-East location is considered as best for placing wallpaper of natural scenery at your home.

Feel the Power of Vastu with Paintings

We all love painting. Painting includes all sorts of creative impressions. People’s interest in art or painting can be as old as the history of mankind. The Discovery of cave art shows clearly that love for art has passed from generation to generation. The real purpose of painting has been to communicate a message. During ancient times, art has been used to express ideas that were not acceptable in society. Many messages are conveyed through colors, symbols, artwork, and also by way of quotes in painting. Many people do not realize how much of a role art plays in our life to bring positive energy.

Paintings add unspoken meaning to our houses. The smiling lady, nature’s serenity, strength of the horses or life depicted through the old village faces, paintings enhance our interiors with their attractive colours and deep meanings. But not all paintings exude positivity. According to Vastu, there are different symbolisms attached to various subjects of the paintings, some of which can harm the peace of your family or growth of your success. Here’s what the subject of each painting speaks and how it influences your life without you even noticing it.

Symbols, arts, or paintings impact our subconscious mind which controls more than 90% of our behaviors and decisions. There are a number of arts, symbols or paintings exits in your home or workplace which brings inspiration, coolness, creativity, and also comfort in your life. A painting around us influences us on daily basis, whether you realize it or not.

Here are all point by point:

  • To decorate South, West or South West side or wall you should not use too bright scenery.
  • For departed souls of the joint family south direction wall is considered as best.
  • You should not place departed souls photo or frame in the pooja rooms due to inauspicious as per vastu shastra. You must also read Vastu Shastra for Ancestors Photo Location to know more about ancestors photos location.
  • East direction is considered good place for photo of living beings of family.
  • Try avoiding photos of poverty, crying old woman, war or pictures of people fighting, struggling, angry people, eagles, depressing pictures, battle scenes, and carnivorous animals at your home or office. This places negative effects in human behaviors.
  • You should place paintings of scenes like group of running horses, sunrise with ocean, sea, laughing Buddha or laughing children, flowers, mountains and waterfalls, gold and similar beautiful paintings at your home and office. These paintings bring peace of mind when anybody looks at them.
  • You can also have set of laughing Buddha in metal form at your home as well. As per vastu, if these Buddha are gifted by someone, it’s good.
  • In home, at the entrance you should place pictures or painting of mountains in south direction. This is considered good for home.
  • To get peace in your home, use South-West corner of your living room to place good and positive photos. You can also place these photos in your bed room as well in the same corner direction.
  • South direction is the best direction as pAer vastu for placing trophies, framed certificates of your child.

Importance of art in your home or workspace

  • Art is an essential ingredient for your joyfulness. You should display art which makes you happy.
  • Artwork instills fresh vibes into your space.
  • Art experts believe that art makes your home more human.
  • A beautiful home with strong architecture without art is not finished. Here you miss an important component.
  • Art or Paintings based on Vastu has the power to transform a space from Drab to fab instantly.
  • People living in a house with harmonious paintings feel lifeless depressed or boring.
  • The importance of art in our life is very similar to that of music.
  • Art is a daily inspiration that has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, and motivate an individual.
  • Art is a way of expression, a way of joy, a way of making people understand things that can’t be done verbally.

Blessing Buddha for protection from fear & anger

Buddha is a symbol of peace and knowledge and it is always good to have his positive energies around. His fingers are identified with the five elements of Vastu Shahstra namely fire, water, earth, space and wind. Mudra posture brings deity closer to the worshiper. So placing his painting in your prayer room, study room, meditation zone and library room is perfect.

Horses – Vastu paintings for speed & success

Horse is a symbol of strength, power, family, loyalty and achievements. Putting up a painting of a horse is considered lucky for businesses. If you are starting a business or looking forward to some growth, you must put a painting of running horse (in forward direction). But there are some precautions you must take while selecting a horse painting. Always place horses in odd numbers, avoid if any horse is displayed in a sad posture or around a water body and NEVER put that painting up in your bedroom.

Water images- Vastu paintings for abundance

A lot of us like placing the paintings or pictures of waterfalls and lakes in our houses. Well, it seems like a good idea actually. A flowing water body depicts energy and flow of life. If placed in the north-east direction, the flowing water image depicts knowledge. You can hang a waterfall painting or a river picture in the home or office. It has the power to create more blissful vibrations in your space. But be careful of placing a fountain near the entrance, flowing outward. This will only cause loss of money. Also, any kind of water painting should be avoided in the bed room.

Popular Phoenix for a Name, Fame & Recognition

It is  brings new opportunities in life. It is an indicator of how you sparkle your light out into the world. Place it on the south wall of home or office to energize your luck of fame and reputation for yourself or business.  Phoenix is an excellent painting for actors, politicians, musicians, dancers & all types of professionals.

Money Vastu paintings for financial luck

Display a symbol that speaks to you of wealth. Place beautiful painting of money to stimulate financial luck. My first billion, a very famous and popular painting can be displayed in the prosperity corner of your home or office. Believe it or not- wealthy people of far east have used arts, painting etc. (along with feng shui) to increase their wealth and success. It is a good idea to display a painting of multiple currencies when you are also in the business of export or having a foreign income.

Vastu Painting  for the students

Maa Saraswati is a goddess of learning and arts. Many students or even scholars worship the goddess Saraswati for blessing in their academic success. She makes the devotee an intellect and helps the devotee master in gaining different types of knowledge and arts. Hang or display in the northeast corner of the children’s bedroom.

Vastu paintings for the Bedroom

South-West corner of your bedroom is perfect for hanging positive photos. You can place photos of your family, blooming flowers, two hearts and a pair of birds in your bedroom. These vastu paintings for home walls ensure love and peace in your relationship.


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