Materials used for adding Stylish finishes to Wardrobe

Choosing the right type of finish is vital to ensure that the wardrobe or cupboard matches the overall design theme of your room.

Materials used for adding Stylish finishes to Wardrobe

There are many options out there for finishes, with each finish bringing its own distinct appearance and texture. Here is a guide to the most popular surface finishes that should make choosing a little easier.

1.     Veneer


  • Veneer is popular not only because it is one of the most economical options for coating your wardrobe, but also because of its ability to replicate the warmth of solid wood.
  • Veneers require regular maintenance, as they are prone to show up scratches. To retain the shine of the surface it is important to re-polish the wardrobe periodically.

2.     Laminate/Acrylic Sheet

  • While laminates have advantages, such as being scratch-resistant and easy to clean, they are not durable because they are brittle.
  • There are many options to choose from, in terms of designs, colours and finishes, which include high-gloss, textured and matte finishes.
  • Once a part of it chips off, the entire sheet will have to be replaced.

3.     Mirror

  • Mirrors are especially suitable for coating the surfaces of cabinets and wardrobes in small rooms as they reflect light and make the entire space appear larger than it is.
  • The wardrobe panels may become heavy with mirror cladding.
  • Make sure you go for only good-quality hinges or track systems for the sliding shutters to ensure hassle-free maintenance and long-term durability of the wardrobe.

4.     Glass

  • Bring in a sense of lightness with glass sections in the wardrobe door panels instead of going for the conventional solid door panels.
  • Glass can come in clear, opaque, printed, frosted and stained varieties, among others.

5.     Deco/PU

  • This finish comes in glossy or matte. It is painted right on the shutter for a seamless, durable finish that is very appealing.
  • PU is very hard and extremely durable but is also the most expensive finishing option.



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