Wardrobe Accessories

The system that saves space, and makes for good organisation and quick access. Exclusive design and quality manufacturing!

Wardrobe Accessories

Range of wardrobe accessories provide world-class functionality and make every corner of the wardrobe easily accessible to the user - you need not get into the wardrobe; the wardrobe reaches out to you! Wardrobe accessories offer effective utilization of wardrobe space, soft & silent closing and efficient internal cabinet systems.

Wardrobe organization, the need of the hour

The heaps of clothes that make their way into homes, are more often than not lost in the chaos that constitutes a wardrobe. Not any more. Wardrobe fittings & accessories, have been designed to make systematic wardrobe organization easier than it sounds.

Pick clothes without disturbing the whole lot

The most common issue with stacked clothes is that it is difficult to remove one without messing up others. Select from our wonderful range of Wardrobe Pullout Hangers that can be pulled towards you as you select your outfit for the day. Quick and easy, isn’t it? Start placing orders for wardrobe accessories.


1.     Wardrobe Rail Fittings

  • These circle and oval wardrobe rail supports are die cast for strength and long life.
  • Easy to fit and compatible with a special circle and oval rail.

2.     Wardrobe Lift Side Mount

  • Ideal for hanging suits and dresses at the top.
  • Lift can be lowered and locked in position to keep or remove clothing.
  • Superior soft up and soft down hydraulic device improves the functionality.
  • Load Capacity: 10kgs – 25kgs.

3.     Pull-Out Hanger Holder-Double

  • Symmetrical trouser/saree holder suitable of under-shelf application.
  • Anti-crease and Anti-skid sleeves offers firm grip on hanging on both sides.
  • Sleek elegant design with twin hanging provision.

4.     Pull-Out Trouser Hanger

  • Pull-out Trouser Rack has 8-9 rods for directly hanging the trousers and saris.

5.     Pull-Out Hanger Holder

  • Pull-out Hanger with capacity to hold 8-9 cloth hangers and consists of a pull-out system.

6.     Utility Trouser & Saree Rack

  • Aluminium frame, ideal for hanging trousers, saris, ties, belts & contains small baskets for keeping small accessories.

7.     Wardrobe Rack – Trouser/Saree

  • Moveable and sliding frame.
  • Width Adjustment.
  • Partially pulls out on a aluminium ball bearing runner.

8.     Pull-Out Basket for Wardrobes

  • Easy to use.
  • Special Plastic Brackets are designed to fit Basket onto Slide.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Manufactured out of SS 202

9.     Pull-Out Wardrobe Basket – Wicker

  • Available in Wicker(plastic). Easy to remove and fit, having load capacity of 15-20kgs.These accessories are designed to suit wardrobe width(adjustable).
  • Well designed plastic wicker basket is quiet good for storage.
  • Available in White and beige finish.

10. Pull-Out Tie Hanger

  • Pull-out tie hanger features modern original lines with clips for hanging ties.
  • It is a very small and very convenient accessory.
  • Can be fitted either to the side walls of the wardrobe or under shelves, enabling clothes to be hung temporarily.

11.  Pull-Out Belt Hanger

  • Pull-out belt hanger features modern, original lines with hooks enabling belts of various size and type to be easily stored.

12.  Tie Rack

  • A pull-out rack which is easy to install and above all durable.
  • It can hold over 16 ties and even has a special tray to keep small articles.

13.  Tie & Belt Holder

  • Easy to use and fits on the inside of any cupboard door.
  • Special Clip provided to prevent the movement of Holder.

14.  Pull-Out Mirror

If you are pressed for space in your bedroom, and cannot have a separate dresser, our Wardrobe Pull-out Mirror is just for you. Pull it out from the wardrobe, get ready and push it back. Simple. Space optimization at its best.

  • Ideal for wardrobes with folding sliding doors, 180 degree opening shutters, walk in wardrobes etc.
  • Uses minimum space of the cabinet and eliminates the need of a separate dressing table.
  • Can be pulled out and rotated by 90 degree.
  • Minimum width required for rotation is 230mm.

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