Vastu for Guest Room

We live in a culture where it is quite evident that we do give a lot of heed to our guests and the manner how we treat them. Your priority is to take the utmost care of them and see to it that you do not hurt or harm them at any cost.

Vastu for Guest Room

'Athiti devo bhavah' is a Sanskrit verse which literally translates to mean 'The guest is God'. A guest room is where the ‘Athiti’ or the guest stays and just like any other room in the house, it also needs to be built according to vastu.

Most of the houses will have a guest room or guest house for the convenience and comfort of guests. This room occupies people from different culture and environments and people with different characters and attitudes.

Vastu tips are utmost necessary when you arrange your guest room.

A proper Vastu arranged guest room can avoid any negative vibration or possible dominance from any person and fill the room with positive energy.

There are a set of points that one can avoid while constructing the guest room following the Vastu.

  • The best place for Guest Room is the Northwest Corner of Building; Northwest is a most suitable and ideal place for Guestroom.
  • The second best place of Guestroom is the Southeast corner (Agneya). The southeast corner room is also suitable for the Guestroom.
  • You must not plan to construct the Guestroom in the Southwest corner of the building at any cost. as SW is suitable for Bedroom for the head of the family. This also increases the stay of the guest.
  • If you are placing a bed or diwan in guest room, the ideal positioning is in the South-Western part of the room. Place the bed in the south or west part of the room, and the bed in guest room should be in a position that the person sleeps with head towards South.
  • It is better to provide a separate bathroom for the guest room to keep the privacy of both the guest and the host.
  • The door of the bathroom should not be in an exact opposite position of the bed.
  • Avoid constructing any beam running over the bed.
  • Design the cabinets on the south or west wall of the room.
  • All electronic items like television can be positioned on or close to the South-Eastern wall of the room.
  • Place paintings and pictures showing movement like racing bikes, running horses, flying birds etc. on the wall of the guest bedroom.
  • Placing of some wind bells in the window of the guest bedroom in west or north-west window. Enhance wind element of this room.

Colors For Guest Room

  • White
  • Light shades of Blue
  • Coral Red
  • Lighter shades of Pink 

Generally, it is quite fun when guests and distant relatives come to your house, both from your maternal as well as paternal sides. However, there is a little frustration at times when the guests live in the house for way too long. Applying the above do’s and don’ts will surely aid in making the stay of the guest peaceful, enjoyable yet short at the same time!

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