Vastu Colours For Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide

Do you need the Vastu Shastra to guide you on the best colours for your kitchen? This post will help you with just that. So, add a pop of colour to your kitchen and give it a whole new look with our quick list of Vastu colours for kitchens.

Vastu Colours For Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide

Vastu colours for kitchen serve a dual objective in the overall Vastu design of a house.

Firstly they add a dash of elegance and class to your kitchen. And secondly, if chosen well, Kitchen colour as per Vastu can really boost the Agni tattva or the fire element in your house.

So why should you choose kitchen colour as per Vastu?

Choosing the right kitchen colour as per Vastu can help you overcome a lot of life’s challenges and bless your house with health and prosperity.

In the Hindu culture, the worship and offering of food is highly praised. It is considered to be a divine blessing from Maa Annapurna – the Goddess of food and nourishment.

In fact, Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita describes the importance of praying to the food through this Shloka:

Brahmārpañam Brahma Havir  Brahmāgnau Brahmañāhutaṃ,

Brahmaiva Tena Gantavyam  Brahmakarmā Samādhinah.

The act of offering is God. The oblation is God. By God it is offered into the Fire of God. God is That which is to be attained by him who performs action pertaining to God.

How does wrong kitchen colour as per Vastu create problems?

We all know that the entire universe is made up of the five elements. And each element is represented by a particular colour and governs a particular direction.

For example, the fire element is indicated by the red and orange colour and is the ruler of the South and South East directions. The water element is represented by blue colour ruling the North direction and so on.

Now imagine what happens if you paint your South East kitchen blue!

It’s like pouring blue water over red fire.

Thus, in order to maintain a proper balance of the five elements, we need to use the correct kitchen colour as per Vastu depending on the direction of our kitchen placement.

Ideal Kitchen colour as per Vastu for different directions

Let’s look at the various options of kitchen colour according to Vastu that you may choose depending upon the direction of your kitchen:



Suitable Colours

Avoid in these direction


Red, Orange, Pink, Brown, Green, Beige

Blue, Black, Grey, Silver, White


Green, Brown, Beige

Yellow, Golden, Grey, White, Silver


White, Grey, Golden, Silver

Green, Brown, Red, Orange


Light Blue, Green, Off White, Grey

Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Golden





Must take extra precautions while choosing colours like black, red and pink, as these colours do not suit every person.

Another rule which you must follow while choosing the Vastu colours for Kitchen Cabinets is to use natural colours instead of synthetic paints.

And this is the same rule you must follow while choosing the Vastu colours for kitchen walls or kitchen tiles as well.

Natural colours have a high vibrational frequency as comapared to synthetic paints which has none.

In fact, the use of synthetic Vastu colours for your house is a big Vastu dosha.

Significance of Vastu Colours

Vastu colors serve dual objectives - first, they channelize positive energy in your life, and second, they also add a dash of elegance and class to your kitchen. To channelize this energy properly, remember to use natural colours over synthetic ones.

Now that you're aware of the significance of colours as per Vastu Shastra, you can easily choose one that fits. Selecting the right colour that works well with the location of your kitchen as well as your current situation in life, can help you bring positive vibes that last!

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